Python Programming Full Course



100 Days of Learning and mastering Python Programming for anyone. Infact, even a 10 year old can learn python.

You will be able to build a portfolio of 100 projects that will make you a professional and versatile programmer  and make you a first-choice to any potential employer/client.


Why you need to learn this skill now…

Python programming is powering the global job market. According to Stack Overflow, as of 2017, “Python has a solid claim to being the fastest-growing major programming language.” It also, according to the same source, is the most used computer language in high-earning economies – so if you want to work in a different country, you have a good chance of landing a job in, say, Switzerland or Australia, two nations where Python programmers command high salaries. Where would you like to work? Adding Python to your skill set could be your ticket to anywhere.

Thus, if you learn Python, you’ll have more job opportunities than you can imagine — at home or abroad. What field do you prefer? Data science is all the rage — but options like game development, finance and trading, security and penetration testing and mapping and geography are sure to get your rocks off, too. It’s your choice.

Advantages of Learning Python

Easy to Read, Learn and Write. Python is a high-level programming language that has English-like syntax

Improved Productivity

Interpreted Language

Dynamically Typed

Free and Open-Source

Vast Libraries Support



What you’ll learn in this course

  • Be able to program in Python professionally


  • Master the Python programming language by building 100 projects over 100 days


  • Create a portfolio of 100 Python projects to apply for developer jobs


  • Be able to build fully fledged websites and web apps with Python


  • Be able to use Python for data science and machine learning


  • Build games like Blackjack, Pong and Snake using Python


  • Build GUIs and Desktop applications with Python


  • Learn to use modern frameworks like Selenium, Beautiful Soup, Request, Flask, Pandas, NumPy, Scikit Learn, Plotly, Matplotlib, Seaborn



Used in Many Industries

Thanks to its flexibility, Python finds itself readily used by all. You’re not confined to data science once you learn Python programming. Instead, you can work in:

Finance and trading

Scientific and mathematical computing

Web development

System automation and administration

Computer graphics

Basic game development

Security and penetration testing

General and application-specific scripting

Mapping and geography (GIS software)