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Have you tried many times to start one business or the other and any of these things kept you just wishing?

  • lack of capital
  • lack of adequate knowledge
  • lack of the right information
  • lack of tools and implements

Or do you have the needed capital and the rest issues above seem to be the major set-back?



You are trying your best to build a profitable business but…

You can’t seem to know where to start from

Don’t know how to get started

Still managing your meagre salary that can’t even afford a better living standard for you and your family

And much more.

Look, I know it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel…

That’s why I’m bringing the light to you…

You know things can’t carry on as they are…

You’ll get burned out…

You’ll get too stressed…

And eventually, you’ll give up.

In as much as these questions might sound funny, it’s still necessary to ask and I guess you have your own definition for a simple question like that. You already know that business plans are supposed to be a pointer to starting a good and successful business.

You can start a good business with as low as #200kand make a profit of over #50kmonthly. You keep following the written down plan and re-investing the profit for more profits. That is, repeating the same process over and over again.

Soon, your business will start making over #500kmonthly…..and your dreams will start coming through.


Just #200k is enough to get you started.

I have an incredible offer for you

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But what you’re about to read is going to change all that for you… Yes, I and my team has put together the best solution for this problem in the last 6 months.

Listen to me

Do you have some amount of money with you right now but don’t know what to do with it?

 Do you have family and friends that you can get business capital from but don’t know which business to put it into?

 Do you have access to any person, bank or financier who can sponsor your business idea.

 Are about to apply for a loan or grant from a bank or organization?

What you need right is ……WELL-WRITTEN BUSINESS PLAN….to get started
Start By Laying A Solid Foundation For Your Business
What foundation am I talking about?
I am talking about getting yourself a well-written business plan


 So, I have an offer for you if you will act today

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Introducing you to Our:




Inside This Bundle, You Will Find The Following Business Models:

1. Production Of Scented Organic Soap – How To Make Over #500k/month in Profits Producing and selling scented Organic soap in Nigeria

2. Production Of Fingerlings – How To Make At-least #300K Monthly Profit In Nigeria.

3. Establishing A Mini Bakery – How To Make #1m Monthly Profit In Nigerian As A Baker

4. Sales And Distribution Of Palm Oil -How To Make #200k monthly Profit doing that.

 5. Yoghurt Production  – How make #500k monthly profit producing and selling very tasty yoghurt

You Can Start With Any Of These 5 Businesses


So, You Can Stay In Complete Control Of Your Earning Potential.

Because your business will be in demand. No business ever thrives without a well-written business plan.

The success of a business lies in the plans that were put in place before starting that place.

QuicklyStart That Your Dream Business

With OurBUNDLEof Business Plans


Why you need to take BUSINESS PLANS very serious now

Could you imagine not be tied to a cubicle in an office building and not having to make money for someone else?

Start the big company you dreamed of

Could you Imagine Making At least #500k monthly with just a small business capital.

You can live the best life you can ever dream of.

Own your own house

Own your own nice cars

Marry that woman of your dream

Go to that vacation you have always thought about


You never can tell what will happen in this world in the next 1 year….

May be another economic melt down


The company you work for might close down


You might be sacked due to one issue or another which may or may not be caused by you


Another pandemic might break out, and there might be serious lockdown


Another harsh economic conditions might break out in Nigeria.

Who knows! You never can tell

Apart from that also, look at other reasons why you need to start your own small-scale business today

So, there are lots of things that you need money for.

You need to start looking for HOW TO START A GOOD SIDE BUSINESSto make more money “RIGHT NOW”

All you need to do is to get this bundle and begin to learn all the basics inside. And then start to implement them as soon as possible.

Each Plan Is Fully Loaded With The Needed Contents

1.  Executive Summary

-Business objectives

-Mission statement


-Guiding principles

-Keys to success

2. Company Description

-The business


-Legal form of business

-Start-up summary

-Location and facilitie

3. Products/Services

-Description of products and services

-Daily operation and production

-Competitive comparison


-Management controls

-Administrative controls

-Future services and growth plans

-Product liabilities

-Concept development

4. Market Analysis

-Industry analysis

-Market size

-Main competitors

-Market segments

-Market tests

-Target market segment strategy



5. Market strategy and implementation

-Market penetration goals

-SWOT analysis

-Strategy pyramid

-Unique selling proposition (USP)

– Marketing Strategy and Positioning


-Service and warranty policies

-Advertising, public relation and promotion

-Sales forecast



-Exit strategy

6. Organization and Management

-Organizational structure


-Risk analysis and management

-Desired capital and purpose

-Source of funding

-current financial status

7. Financial Plan

-Important assumptions

-Start-up costs

-Products prices and costs


-Projected profit and loss

-Start-up equipment and costs

-Break-even analysis

How Much Do You Think This Bundle Is Worth?

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Once your order is confirmed, you will immediately be sent the link to download the bundle.


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Will I get support for this bundle?

 Yes, our 24*7 support team is available to get you the help you need concerning the bundle.

Are there any monthly fees?

No, currently we are offering a one-time price for this bundle. So, get this lifetime deal before reversing to the launch price of #50k.

 Is there a guarantee that this bundle will deliver on promise?

Yes, this bundle has been prepared by top business experts and financial analysts. If you buy this bundle, there is no way you won’t get a loan or grant or get started with that dream business of yours.

How to Activate my Early Bird discount?

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Are these certificate courses?

No, these are well-written business plans that will serve as a guide to helping you get started

How can I access them after making payment?

All our bundles are cloud-stored because they are full contents. We will send you the download link to get it. If you can’t download them straightaway, you can save them in the cloud to use later at your convenience.


NOTE: The books are all in word format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC), smart phone, tablet or ebook reader.

Grab Your 5-in-1 Business Plans Bundle Now At A Massive 80% Discount!

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